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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 01:54PM MDT
Order Toolbar: 

  • Click on the catalog down arrow to change catalogs.  If you have added products and want to change catalogs, you must remove all of them by clicking the trash can before you can change.
  • Click on the Ship Date to change your ship date, add a Retailer’s PO, add a Shipment Name or change selected store location.  Click SaveClick Delete to remove a shipment from your order.
  • Click on New Shipment to add additional ship dates or locations to your order (up to 6 total). * Note can be supplier or catalog specific.
  • Click on the Tools menu to access various ordering tools:
    • Share:  Share orders between reps and retailers.
    • Copy Shipments:  Create a copy of your shipment for use with a different ship date or store location.  This will copy all products and quantities to make a duplicate shipment that can be edited after if needed.
    • Clear Shipments:  Clear quantities and/or products from the order.
    • Collapse All:  Collapse all products on your order will remove the order grid details and just provide the style level detail.  This is handy when you have a large order and would like to audit the products on the order.
    • Expand All:  Expand all products on your order will open the grid for the product.
    • Inventory Legend:  Display the inventory legend.
    • Order Summary:  View an order summary with category level summaries for each ship date.  The summary updates as you work on your order and can be moved to anywhere on your screen by placing your mouse in the blue area and holding the button down to drag and drop.
    • Toggle Product Search: Hide/show the product search area.
    • Toggle Ordering Grid:  Hide/show the ordering area.
(Toggle Product Search/Ordering Grid functions the same as the minimize/maximize button on the Search and Order areas.)
  • Preview:  There are two previews available.  
  • Order Preview: Order details can be viewed in grid or line item.  May download as PDF.
  • Automated Views: Create an image view of your order.
Save:  Click to save the order.  Each entry is automatically saved to a server so it is not necessary to save periodically.  You will also be notified if your loose your connection.

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