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Order Status Dashboard Overview

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018 02:31PM MDT

Your Order Status Dashboard keeps all Work in Progress and Submitted Orders. There are additional filters to help you locate the order(s) that you are looking for.  You will open your work in progress from here.  You may open and preview order details. You may also get additional status information on your submitted orders such as acknowledgement details, shipping details and tracking *information provided varies by supplier.

Order Status Overview:
  • Work in Progress:  Work in Progress contains all of your orders that have been saved, but have not been submitted.  There are two types.  Orders you have created and orders that have been shared with you or that you have shared with someone else.
Submitted orders are organized by status:
  • Pending:  Orders that have been submitted, but have not been acknowledged by the supplier.  Once acknowledged they will move to Open.  
  • Open:  Orders that have been acknowledged by the supplier for processing.  
  • Closed:  Orders where all items on the order have accounted for, either shipped or cancelled.
  • Cancelled:  Orders where the entire order was cancelled by the supplier. 
  1. Click on the Order Status on the Main Menu bar.  The page will open to your WIP tab by default.
  1. Click on the different tabs to see orders in the various status' provided.
  2. Click on the B2B order number to either open a WIP or preview a submitted order.
  3. Use the Search filters to locate an order or specific group of orders.


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