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Last Updated: Dec 09, 2016 04:03PM MST
The iV GUIDE interface allows you to create a product assortment which then can become an order.  In addition to Classic order search methods, you may combine multiple Assortments and select products from catalog pages.  There are visual “Views” that can be used to merchandise or create custom presentations and/or catalogs that are downloadable.  Selected products will be available in the “Cart” where quantities can be added. When complete, proceed to Checkout and submit as an order.  

Creating a product assortment/order using iV GUIDE: 
  1. Login to the B2B application.
  2. Click on Create an Order.
  3. Find a retailer and select them. (step for supplier users only)
  4. Select iV GUIDE as your ordering preference.
  5. Select the catalog that contains the products you want to work with.

There are four ways to build your product assortment.  You may switch between all of them during the course of building your product plan.
  1. Assortments: Choose from available Assortments (this may or may not be available to retail users, it must be shared by a supplier user)
  2. Categories: Select products using catalog navigation.  (These are likely set up like your workbook/catalog.)
  3. Pages: Select specific catalog pages containing the products that you want (if provided by the supplier).
  4. Simple Search: Search by entering product information, i.e. item number, product name or features and specs (if provided by the supplier).

Creating a product assortment from Assortments:
  1. Click Assortments. (An Assortment must be created first to be available to pick from)
  2. Select an assortment by clicking on itThe products in the assortment will display on the main screen.
  1. Click on the product image or color name to add individual products to your product assortment, or click Add All    to add all products from the Assortment to your order.
  2. When present, click the units and dollars button if you want to add the predetermined quantities.
Searching for products by category:
  1. Click on Categories.
  2. Select a category.
  3. Click on individual products or click Add All.

Catalog pages:
  1. Select a catalog page.  The products from that page will be displayed on the main page.
  2. Click on individual products or click Add All.

Simple Search:
  1. Enter at least a part of an item number, product name or feature/specification keyword.
  2. Click on individual products or click Add All.  

Viewing your Cart:  All selected products will be placed in your cart.  If quantities were selected using the units and dollars button, they will be in the cart as well.  Your cart is the order form.  You may toggle between product searches, your cart, and the visual views of your plan.
  1. Click on the Cart tab to view and work on the order form. 
  2. You may add quantities and use other tools available to build your order.
Views:  Different views (presentations) of the selected products can be created and saved.
  1. Click on the Views tab.
  2. You may create Automated Views (quick creation; select the format and products fill in automatically) or Guided Views (gives you control over where each product goes). Views that you create and save will be found under My Views.

Automated Views:
  1. Click Create an Automated View.
  2. Enter a name for your view.
  3. Select the number of products per page.
  4. Select how you would like the products sorted.
  5. Select additional choices to appear on your view.  * Please note that product details only show if provided by the supplier and only on the one product per page format.
  6. If desired, filter your products by color story (if provided by the supplier).
  7. You may preview or download your view at any time.
Guided Views:
  1. Click on Guided Views.
  2. Enter a name for your view.
  3. Enter a page label for the current page view.
  4. Select a page layout from what is available.  *Different pages may have different layouts.
  5. Products in the plan/order will be shown along the left side of the page.  Click on an image and then click to place the image in your layout.
  6. Click the plus to start a new page and repeat steps 3-5.
My Views:  If you are in iV GUIDE you may work on and switch between views.  Please note that if you exit the module, your assortment will be saved as a Work in Progress and can be accessed from the WIP tab in Order Status.  You may then choose to open as a classic order or in the iV GUIDE module.
  1. Click on My Views.
  2. Click on the name of a view to open.
  3. Click the camera icon to preview your view.
  4. Click the copy icon to make a copy of a view.
Placing the order:
  1. Click on the Checkout tab.  
  2. Complete the Order Finalization page and click Submit Order.


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