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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017 10:12AM MDT

Product availability can be viewed in several places throughout the application.  A snapshot of inventory can be seen in the product detail blowout in both catalog view and on an open order.  Inventory and future availability quantities and dates can be viewed while working on an order.  The Reporting menu offers additional options for downloading and printing inventory reports.  Inventory display options are specific by supplier.  iVendix uses a color coding system to visually identify out of stock, low levels, and high levels of inventory.  Open Inventory legend under the tools menu.

View the Inventory Legend: *Inventory can only be viewed for catalogs where the supplier is providing it.
  1. The inventory legend may open the first time you start a new order.  If you need to refer to it at any time click on the Tools menu and select Inventory Legend.
  2. Color coding is supplied to each quantity entry cell based on what is available for each SKU.  This will be specific by supplier as some suppliers report only current available to sell and some suppliers provide future availability quantities and dates expected.
  3. There is a date and time stamp of the last inventory update shown in the legend.

Viewing inventory in the product information blowout:  
  1. Click on a thumbnail image of a product in the Catalog View or click on the info button  for a product on an open order.
  2. A product blowout will open providing a snapshot of the inventory at the bottom.

Viewing inventory while working on an order:  
  1. Start a new order or open an existing Work in Progress.
  2. Selected products will appear on the right side of the page.
  3. Whether viewing products in grid format or line item, the current available to sell quantities will appear under the quantity entry cell. 
  4. If you see a “ + “ sign next to the quantity available to sell, it means that SKU has additional quantity available on a future date. Click on the “ + ” to view the dates and quantities for that SKU.


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